Sandra Van Tuyl  - Cowtown Zen Art LLC

Winter 2020
Two videos finished and a third on the way!
We begin our video documentation of refugee families journey stories in September.
Look for us June 2020 at the Woodneath Library for a presentation.

This is being funded by an Inspiration Grant from ArtsKC.

The above photo is the Syrian family telling their story with the quilt at The Story Center at Woodneath Library Nov. 2018

Thank you ArtsKC

Check out start of new series of work: Conflict Resolution

Artist Statement
We live in a world of patterns; they can be discordant or syncopated, they can point to course changes or static systems, but they always surround us.

My paintings reconfigure elements from the physical world, and turn them into rhythms and reflections of how we structure our lives.

Sandra Van Tuyl