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Prairie Redux - Missouri Bank Art Boards Sept 2017 In the Crossroads Kansas City MO Photos courtesy of Julie Denesha
Prairie Redux
acrylic on paper
12.5" x 28"

Prairie Redux

We are prairie dwellers, we don’t think about it often but it surrounds us and is part of who we are. I was reminded of that this summer spending time on a restored tall grass prairie. On my return it seemed like the streetlights, stop signs and the other elements that create the city, echoed natural structures like the bluestem and dropseed.

It started me thinking how about the correlation between restoring the prairie and the city center. Prairie Redux is a happy mash up, taking the structures from built environment turning them into a natural landscape. Street lights and transformers are now the grasses, streetcar cables become the skyline. These paintings celebrate the fact when we use best practices to make a livable city we also impact the natural world for the better.