Sandra Van Tuyl  - Cowtown Zen Art LLC

March 2018

I have started to post images and information from 1000 Footsteps Tell the Story. Look under portfolio and links. More is coming

We are currently working on a traveling version of this show, please contact me if you are interested.

1000 Footsteps Tell the Story closed March 8 at the Carter Art Center MCC-Penn Valley, Kansas City, Missouri. Special thanks to the Friends of the Carter Art Center, MCC-Penn Valley and Bernadette Torres Gallery director for hosting this exhibit which told the stories of the refugee journey.

Without Once We were Refugees and all the families who told their stories, the painting of Abdul Bakar, the photos of Julie Denesha and all the agencies who gave presentations on behalf of refugee relief and resettlement this show would not have been possible

Drawings Sandra Van Tuyl / Photos Julie Denesha