Sandra Van Tuyl  - Cowtown Zen Art LLC

Coming Feb 2018

1000 Footsteps Tell the Story - Carter Art Center, Penn Valley, opening Feb 2 2018
As of 2016 there were 65.6 million displaced persons in the world, 22.5 million were refugees half of that number are children. From UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

1000 Footsteps Tell The Story is an exhibition to show the journey story of refugees focusing on those who now call the greater metro area home. This story, told through various mediums, reflects the struggles and the joys of these individuals. The show will include storytelling quilts and paintings created by refugees, photography and drawings that help give voice to their story. The collaboration of the Carter Art Center, local artists and advocacy groups for refugees make this show possible since many refugees need protection against violence against themselves or family members still living in war torn areas.